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Uniting the Power of Music & Wellness

Angelface Records is an independently-owned and operated record label by Angelica and Joe McCarthy, created to express their art through their own image and uniqueness.

As a Doctor of Athletic Training specializing in whole-person wellness and performing arts medicine, and a Latin Grammy® award-winning bandleader, drummer, and educator, Angelica and Joe come together, beyond marriage, as creatives to unite the power of music and wellness and present creative works that bring awareness to their foundational importance and impact on the world. 

With their "out of the box" approach, Angelica and Joe are excited to bring a different, holistic perspective that fosters innovative experiences through the creation of music, wellness, and education.

We look forward to sharing with you everything we have in store!

Nutcracker CD cover.png

Latin Grammy® Nominated

The Pan American

Nutcracker Suite

Released on Angelface Records

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