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Thank You for Your Generosity and for Supporting
The Pan American Nutcracker Suite Reimagined

Your donation will help us make a difference through the power of music and wellness to extend the reach and access to multicultural arts experiences to all communities.

Our Mission

Our mission at Angelface Records is to create multidimensional experiences that unite the power of music and wellness and bring awareness to their importance and impact on the well-being of our communities through education and performance.

About The Pan American Nutcracker Suite Reimagined

The Pan American Nutcracker Suite Reimagined is unlike any version of The Nutcracker before seen or heard. The Pan American Nutcracker Suite Reimagined is a global musical adventure immersion of Big Band music, dance, and visual art that celebrates and unites the brilliance of Tchaikovsky's timeless masterpiece, "The Nutcracker Suite," with the beautifully diverse musical traditions of the Americas and beyondPANS Reimagined taps into the senses, creating an enriched, colorful musical experience that is diverse, accessible, and globally inclusive.


Ways to Support

For donations larger than $1,000, or if you prefer to donate using a check or an alternative payment method, kindly contact Angelica McCarthy at She will gladly assist you with the necessary arrangements.

Angelface Records, LLC is a for-profit business. In exchange for your donation, gifts and perks may be provided.

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Your Support Can Make an Impact Today.

Make a one-time donation

Thank you for your support!

To donate by check or other form of payment, please email Angelica McCarthy at

Meet the Creative Team


Joe McCarthy

Drummer, Bandleader, Co-arranger, Producer, Latin Grammy® Award-Winner, Grammy® Nominated, Co-Founder Angelface Records


Maria Torres

Director, Choreographer, Producer, Performer, Writer

Claudia Headshot copy (1).jpg

Claudia Mulet

Visual Artist, Performer, Director

Screenshot 2023-09-05 174725.png

Angelica McCarthy

Production Manager, CEO/Co-Founder

Angelface Records,

Doctor of Athletic Training

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